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Blog headlines

  • 14 Sep AVCC v Huddersfield YMCA
    22 May 2020

    The weather forecasters say that Autumn officially starts 01 September.

  • 8 Sep Urchfont v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    On a glorious sunny September day, we came to the end of our season against Wiltshire opponents

  • 1 Sep AVCC v Collingbourne
    22 May 2020

    With the sun still shining, and thoughts of winter still long away, AVCC entered the final stretch of the season at home against local rivals and friends, Collingbourne.

  • 20 Jun AVCC v Collingbourne
    22 May 2020

    Returning to our home ground of Garston Field, we were greeted with hard rain, chill winds, and a most un-summer-like evening to play cricket.

  • 11 Aug Wilton v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    A strong squad was assembled for this match which had a little edge to it stemming from a minor altercation from earlier in the season.

  • 25 Jul Bishops Canning v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    Not a huge amount to say as we lost fairly convincingly.

  • 16 Jun Shrewton v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    After a morning full of showers, rain and wind, our seniors graced the pitch in warm sunlight where our juniors had gleefully played in the morning (yes, Collingbourne and Avon Valley U-11s beat Steeple Langford at Shrewton in the morning).

  • 9 Jun AVCC v Wilcot
    22 May 2020

    The return match! The re-match of warring village titans and local rivals…with Wilcot visiting our home ground at Garston Fields.

  • 2 Jun Avebury v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    This last Sunday we entered June to typical British weather….cold winds, driving rain, grey skies…..

  • 30 May Collingbourne v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    We turned up with a scratch 11 hastily assembled and completed with 30 minutes notice at Collingbourne - in many ways our sister club as our youth are combined as a team

  • 26 May Chitterne v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    We made our annual pilgrimage to the good gentleman and good friends at Chitterne on a rainy, overcast Bank Holiday weekend

  • 15 May Wilcot v AVCC
    22 May 2020

    We turned up on a beautiful sunny evening on the well prepared track of Wilcot (thanks to their Peter Williams for doing so), to play a strong Wilcot team with several 1st teamers in the line up and the local vicar leading the batting and bowling.

  • 12 May AVCC v Marden
    12 May 2019

    Good win today against Marden to win back the Richard Cox Cup

  • 1 May FOSS v AVCC
    1 May 2019

    Our usual season curtain raiser…and played on the plateau of Amesbury, with the charms of the usual biting wind even though the evening was largely sunny and mild.

Friday, 22 May 2020

25 Jul Bishops Canning v AVCC

Not a huge amount to say as we lost fairly convincingly.

I arrived, and as having been designated to captain AVCC by our esteemed leader sunning himself in Ireland (guess which bit isn’t true in that statement) I checked to see how many players we had at 5:55, and seeing we didn’t have a full team, hoped I’d win the coin toss and bat. So, having succeeded in my first objective, we set out to put some runs on the board. Well that didn’t quite go to plan as BC’s opening bowler, left arm around the wicket, proceeded to bowl some very accurate yorkers to Angus, who had happily agreed to open with Ish. Sadly he got a leading edge to the 5th ball, that was slightly going down leg, and scooped the ball to deep square leg. BC’s fielder did his best to drop it, but annoyingly kept hold of the ball as he fell backwards. BC’s team had looked youthful and full of keen cricketers, so this wasn’t the start we wanted. Ish did well to keep the next ball out, as it was a great yorker on middle stump. So we were 0-1 after 1 over. David Battison joined the fray and with Ish, proceeded to put on 30 runs over the next 5 overs. It was tough going as BC were bowling 4 over stints, and their opening bowler ended up with 3 wicket maidens, only allowing 8 runs off his 2nd over. He bowled Ish in his 3rd over and David in his final over. So after 7 overs, we were 3 for 33 runs. Matt Dancey sadly went quickly, having aimed to hit their spinner for 4, and having missed the ball, left an easy stumping for BC’s wicket keeping skipper. We then had Louis and Jacques Glibbery in together, and as Jacques was fortunately wearing red trainers, Angus, who was now scoring, could work out who scored which runs, as there was a little debate between the brothers afterwards to check if Jacques had been given some of Louis’ runs!!! They steadied the ship and put on 20 runs before Louis was caught. Adam Pithouse then came in, and came back quickly having missed his 1st ball. I then ventured in with the score on 68 for 6 after 14.1 overs. A quick cameo from me of 19 supporting Jacques and then annoyingly I scooped one back to the bowler, having changed my mind!!! Rowan then came in and a late flourish from him and Jacques saw the score pushed to 112 for 7. Rowan got 6 runs not out, and Jacques was our top scorer with 30 not out. A defendable score, but as mentioned BC had a young team full of cricketers, so we knew we needed to get some early wickets to put them under pressure, and try to keep them to under 5 an over. Well it started well as after 4 overs they were 20-0, so just going at 5 an over, but sadly no wickets. However they hit out in Adam’s final over, who opened with David, who came back with a wicket in the next, thanks to a catch from me, running it from deep mid-on to take it low down. But that was the only opportunity we managed to get and from then on it was pretty much the BC batting show. Their other opener retired on 50, his first ever, and the next 2 batsmen started hitting 4’s and 6’s with quite a regularity, and it was all over in the 15th over. We retired to the Crown in Bishop Cannings for some post match conversation over a beer and very much enjoyed the sausages and chips we were given for tea. BC were a very friendly team and next year we’ll ideally want to turn up with 11, as we were only 10, so were short when fielding, though we probably could have done with 14 or 15.