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  • AVCC v Collingbourne
    8 September 2013

    Woe and general misery as AVCC came up short in a 35 over clash with local rivals Collingbourne. AVCC scored 163 for 9 in their allotted 35, but Collingbourne coasted home in the 31st over with only 4 wickets down.

  • Urchfont v AVCC
    1 September 2013

    AVCC glory hunters chased down 151 in 35 overs with 5 overs but only 1 wicket spare. Everyone got a bat, but it was a close shave.

  • AVCC v Mildenhall
    25 August 2013

    A close, low scoring game was won by Mildenhall's unbreakable eight wicket partnership.

  • AVCC v Burbage
    11 August 2013

    A bright and breezy afternoon at Rushall, with Burbage winning the toss and deciding to bat first. A small crowd gathered, swelled by the presence of some of Rory Plank's wedding guests.

  • Winterbourne v AVCC
    4 August 2013

    A close game that could have gone either way, eventually went the wrong way, but the blow was softened by the bar in our hosts' pavilion.

  • Wilcott v AVCC
    21 July 2013

    Local derby goes the wrong way in a tight match.

  • AVCC v Erlestoke
    17 July 2013

    AVCC made it 3 wins out of 3 last night against Erlestoke, if you count the game at the chilly end of September last year.

  • AVCC v All Cannings
    14 July 2013

    Another hot day saw us take on the mighty All Cannings yesterday. Our beloved leader had deserted us to play for some other outfit, I gather they won rather easily but any allegations Simon had shirked off to bolster his averages should wait for the official enquiry.

  • Erlestoke v AVCC
    7 July 2013

    Man was it hot yesterday! Hotter than Andy Murray's jock-strap, I thought. Not that I'm complaining mind - about the weather, that is.

  • AVCC v Farley
    16 June 2013

    The youngsters of Farley gave our grizzled veterans a demonstration of the benefits of being able to run, jump, and bend over.

  • Collingbourne v AVCC
    6 June 2013

    In a match of high tension, AVCC were victorious tonight against a gritty Collingbourne side chasing down 131 with 2 balls to spare.

  • AVCC v Urchfont
    22 May 2013

    AVCC played their first game of the season at home on Wednesday, a T20 clash against established local big noises, Urchfont.

  • Marden v AVCC
    19 May 2013

    AVCC went down to a gut-wrenching defeat to the might of Marden yesterday - local derby - however chance of redemption remains in the return fixture T20 on Wed 29 May.



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Sunday, 8 September 2013

AVCC v Collingbourne

Woe and general misery as AVCC came up short in a 35 over clash with local rivals Collingbourne. AVCC scored 163 for 9 in their allotted 35, but Collingbourne coasted home in the 31st over with only 4 wickets down.

After an uncertain start - Mike (nice shop) Parr knew that his parents were coming so decided to eject early, Tim Gent wanted debutant daughter Claire to bat early and so did likewise - all seemed set fair as Paddy Bond and Dudley (honed athlete) Perrin cruised to 64 for 2 off 17.  However this turned to quickly to 68 for 5, as they self-destructed and Claire (first registered girl to play for AVCC - first of many, I hope) pushed too hard at her first ball (cruel game!).  Ben Eveling and Rob Hedderwick then had a spurt if I can put it like that, until Rob repeatedly tested out deep mid-wicket's catch skills once too often and Ben got a corker that turned further than he expected.  Top score went to Angus Harley (29*) batting at 8, mixing a number of hockey shots in with some solid defence.  We felt 163 was a bit short, but defendable.

The bowling however was poor by our standards.  We would have perhaps laughed at talking about standards in May, but the team has come quite a long way having played a number of games together.  We didn't enough straight or wicket-taking balls.  The only real bowling plus was Claire Gent, playing for the first time in two years, she bowled 5 overs for 22 (no maidens - thanks, Dudley).  Rob Hedderwick took 1 for 36 off 6 and Graham Newland 1 for 18 off 3.  Angus Harley became more assured as our first time keeper and the fielding held up OK on a chilly-ish day.  We just couldn't put the batsman under any real pressure, despite valiant attempts at mild sledging.

The pitch played very well - thanks once again, Nigel and Nikki Vesey once more produced a stunner of a spread for tea.

Collingbourne were boisterous and good fun - they managed to continue a Saturday night hula-girl fancy-dress theme into the game.  The military members of our team felt very much at home with this.