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  • AVCC v Collingbourne
    8 September 2013

    Woe and general misery as AVCC came up short in a 35 over clash with local rivals Collingbourne. AVCC scored 163 for 9 in their allotted 35, but Collingbourne coasted home in the 31st over with only 4 wickets down.

  • Urchfont v AVCC
    1 September 2013

    AVCC glory hunters chased down 151 in 35 overs with 5 overs but only 1 wicket spare. Everyone got a bat, but it was a close shave.

  • AVCC v Mildenhall
    25 August 2013

    A close, low scoring game was won by Mildenhall's unbreakable eight wicket partnership.

  • AVCC v Burbage
    11 August 2013

    A bright and breezy afternoon at Rushall, with Burbage winning the toss and deciding to bat first. A small crowd gathered, swelled by the presence of some of Rory Plank's wedding guests.

  • Winterbourne v AVCC
    4 August 2013

    A close game that could have gone either way, eventually went the wrong way, but the blow was softened by the bar in our hosts' pavilion.

  • Wilcott v AVCC
    21 July 2013

    Local derby goes the wrong way in a tight match.

  • AVCC v Erlestoke
    17 July 2013

    AVCC made it 3 wins out of 3 last night against Erlestoke, if you count the game at the chilly end of September last year.

  • AVCC v All Cannings
    14 July 2013

    Another hot day saw us take on the mighty All Cannings yesterday. Our beloved leader had deserted us to play for some other outfit, I gather they won rather easily but any allegations Simon had shirked off to bolster his averages should wait for the official enquiry.

  • Erlestoke v AVCC
    7 July 2013

    Man was it hot yesterday! Hotter than Andy Murray's jock-strap, I thought. Not that I'm complaining mind - about the weather, that is.

  • AVCC v Farley
    16 June 2013

    The youngsters of Farley gave our grizzled veterans a demonstration of the benefits of being able to run, jump, and bend over.

  • Collingbourne v AVCC
    6 June 2013

    In a match of high tension, AVCC were victorious tonight against a gritty Collingbourne side chasing down 131 with 2 balls to spare.

  • AVCC v Urchfont
    22 May 2013

    AVCC played their first game of the season at home on Wednesday, a T20 clash against established local big noises, Urchfont.

  • Marden v AVCC
    19 May 2013

    AVCC went down to a gut-wrenching defeat to the might of Marden yesterday - local derby - however chance of redemption remains in the return fixture T20 on Wed 29 May.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Marden v AVCC

AVCC went down to a gut-wrenching defeat to the might of Marden yesterday - local derby - however chance of redemption remains in the return fixture T20 on Wed 29 May.

The simple stats record Marden scoring 178 for 6 in their 40 overs with AVCC trailing in second with 116 all out from 31.3, but this does little justice to the drama which unfolded on a day when summer unexpectedly turned up.

AVCC players looked on enviously at the facilities on show at Marden which included a pavilion and a net, and 11 players at the start, although the pitch was grassy and a little uneven compared to our own immaculate square.  But all that was forgotten as the drama unfolded.

It's well-known that a lot of net practice has gone in early season, however we did omit the key skill of catching.  The skipper led the way with two drops, with the rest of the team relieving his embarrassment and showing generosity of spirit to the opposition on 6 or 7 other occasions.  Favourite was Ben (Shane) Eveling scuttling on to the field late, at deep cover with the next ball shelled hard two foot above his head - he did get two hands to it.  However, the ground fielding was pretty good with Warwick Hall doing sterling work on the boundary and Paddy Bond involved in two run outs and the removal of a particular dangerous looking 60 year old batsman by means of (inadvertently) hitting him on the head - we bought him a pint afterwards.

The bowling was pretty good too, aside from the odd wide, highlights being Tim Law topping and tailing the innings with some hostile medium pace (8-0-39-1), Ben Eveling bamboozling the opposition with his mixture of leggies, googlies and sliders (8-0-31-0), James Hayward slow medium (4-0-18-1) and Fred Kenny (has the air of Flintoff about him) having not rolled his arm over for five years (6-0-20-1).

Four and half an over was not unthinkable, but the opposition decided to play dirty by resorting unfairly to "bowling straight".  Fiendish.  Mike (Fresh Produce) Parr, Rory Plank and Tim (The North Newton Nibbler) looked composed and sensible, until they got out for not very many.  Paddy and Warwick also showed a bit of form, Paddy's first ball was smote for 4.  Bruce (Cymbals) Carter hit shot of the day, a swivel pull through mid-wicket and then tried to repeat it to a different ball.  Tim Law top scored with a rousing 41, but otherwise there was too much missing of straight ones, lobbing the ball at the fielders and the (unnecessary) giving each other out LBW.

AVCC down but not disgraced, cricket was the winner.

The tea was great and we managed to sort it all out in the pub afterwards.