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  • Mildenhall v AVCC
    25 August 2014

  • AVCC vs PSR Maharajahs (Aka C Lee lads and dads), 30 overs
    27 July 2014

    Well today, we played Chris Lee and a group of touring fathers and sons from the Henley/Peppard area, all of which could play a bit.

  • Erlestoke vs AVCC T20
    16 July 2014

    Off we went to the magnificent walled-gardens of Erlestoke, looking for a positive result after our recent meeting with them.

  • AVCC Club day
    13 July 2014

    Nice weather greeted our 2nd AVCC Club Day. It was great to see a large crowd around for the opening of our new grand pavilion by Judge Turner.

  • AVCC v Erlestoke
    6 July 2014

    Having dominated the Erlestoke side for at least two seasons - 3 victories in all - AVCC's run came to an end on Sunday, falling 15 runs short, chasing 201 in a 35 over contest.

  • AVCC v Collingbourne T20
    26 June 2014

    Well… Nothing like an easy win.

  • Burbage vs AVCC
    22 June 2014

    On a wonderfully hot summers day we took on the mighty Burbage. I'm told they have a professional Kiwi who's played Test cricket, fortunately he wasn't selected. Their average age was still around half ours so we started the game with some trepidation. Despite the gap in relative fitness levels (and waist lines) we put up a good fight but, alas, came up short.

  • Farley vs AVCC
    15 June 2014

    Not one of our better days....the sort of day when one talks about "taking the positives" out of the match and and "learning from the game" .

  • AVCC v All Cannings
    11 June 2014

    This T20 game followed a familiar pattern for readers who have bothered ploughing through the previous 5 matches. AVCC excelled temporarily in the field and then found we had a few too many runs to chase. Should we try and bat first and change a habit? Anyway, we pulled up 34 runs shy of All Cannings 137 off 20, bowled out in the final over.

  • Avebury vs AVCC report
    8 June 2014

    What a nice ground Avebury is, lovely day too and AVCC registered their first victory, not without a struggle though.

  • Collingbourne vs AVCC report
    5 June 2014

    Near miss at Collingbourne in a good-natured tussle over 20 overs.

  • Chitterne v AVCC
    26 May 2014

    So it was another case of a desperately close finish, but AVCC came up 7 runs short in their inaugural fixture away to the extremely hospitable Chitterne team.

  • Urchfont v AVCC - Wed 21 May
    21 May 2014

    Opportunity lost tonight. AVCC fell 13 runs short of the 98 for 9 target.

  • AVCC vs Marden, Sunday 18 May
    18 May 2014

    Well, we've constructed a solid base from which to improve - or so went the general conversation in the pub afterwards.



2014... is it going to be a good year? Or if you're reading this from the future, was it a good year? It's all here.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Mildenhall v AVCC

After a few weeks without a game AVCC travelled to Mildenhall on Sunday 24 August with 10 players keen to get some more cricket before the season ran out. The oppostion could only muster eight so Tim Gent kindly volunteered to swap allegiances and it became a 9 v 9 on a gently sloping pitch. AVCC lost the toss and Mildenhall elected to bat. Having only seven residual fielders proved difficult, as despite an early breakthrough when Harry Flack secured an LBW with the score in single figures, batsmen 2 & 3 scored 189 and 84 respectively, and only Harry and Morgan Holden took further wickets meaning that after their 35 overs Mildenhall had made 348-3. A distraction was regularly looking for lost balls in the field adjacent to the ground! It was that sort of day, but AVCC were keen to keep their heads held high and although Mike Parr went for one to a shocking LBW decision, Morgan Holden and Simon Borthwick made 61 n/o and 78 respectively and at a decent run rate, again with many boundaries, although this momentum was not maintained and we were eventually all out for 184, although for the unusual 8 wickets and not 10 of course. But at least cricket was played, and as I write this it is pouring down during the middle of Bank Holiday Monday so we were lucky we had a chance to.

Peter Williams