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  • 2017 Review of the Season
    22 May 2018

    A quick review of the AVCC 2017 Season As we embark upon a new season, and the sum in shining, I thought I would share with you some highlights of the 2017 season. A. Matches * Record season - out best ever winning performance * We won 11 out of 15 Sunday matches - 73% win percentage - (previous best 10 out of 19) * We won 8 of 12 midweek 20/20’s (67% win percentage) * In total, we won 19 of 27 games…..70.3% win percentage * Winning streak (still in play) of 10 consecutive Sunday wins. * Our best homestead - 9 wins in a row on Sundays * Equalled our top ever 35 overs score - 245 (vs Keevil) * Made our best 20/20 score = 151 (vs Poulshot) * Our opponents made their lowest scores against us - 40 (Wilton); 76 (All Cannings) * 43 players played for - including 4 young ladies; 2 in one evening. * In summary, our season was built on a consistent and very useful bowling attack of Jeremy Richards, Michael Rae and Jon Wolverson - ably supplemented by Graham Newland, Tim Gent, Greg Caswell, Mark Banham, Will Adams, Jamie Corden, India Corden, Peter Williams et al. The batting was more consistent, and more higher scores were made in each game - and scoring 40 or more in a game by an individual does make a difference - as can be seen by the win ratio. More important, we have learned to field, set a field, and play for each other. Our home record was fantastic. B. Batting * Michael Rae scored most runs - over 450 -, and made the top ever aggregate for AVCC. he also scored only our 3rd century (111 vs Erlestoke). * Interestingly fewer players scored >100 runs in comparison to the last 3 years; but those who did (7) all scored more than 200 runs…that’s a first. Season stats >100 runs Runs Average Michael Rae 385 29.62 Jon Wolverson 353 23.53 Simon Campbell 280 93.33 Angus Harley 279 25.36 Jeremy Richards 265 29.44 Greg Caswell 209 29.86 Graham Newland 204 18.55 * Less 50’s scored (10 including the 111); but overall individual match scores higher. Top Batting performances Michael Rae 111 vs Erlestoke (away). Only our 3rd century, and 1 of the others at Erlestoke too Greg Caswell 75 RSJ Maharajahs Jeremy Richards 73 vs Mildenhall Jeremy Richards 71 vs Avebury Jon Wolverson 65 not out Chitterne Jon Wolverson 61 Keevil Simon Campbell 59 not out Marden Simon Campbell 58 not out</

  • AVCC v Huddersfield YMCA
    23 September 2017

    This week, I am making an exception due to the exceptional and sensational events of last Sunday. On a day of mixed weather…we welcomed Huddersfield YMCA to Rushall. Huddersfield YMCA toured Wiltshire each year for over 25 years but ceased in the last decade.

  • AVCC v Urchfont
    9 September 2017

    Today we welcomed the mighty Urchfont to our ground in Rushall. It was a cold windy day reminding us the season is coming to an autumnal end. The pitch was damp and the skies grey.

  • AVCC v Aldbourne
    26 August 2017

    We welcomed Aldbourne for the first time last Sunday. Brilliant hot sunny day. Ideal for cricket.

  • AVCC v Mildenhall
    19 August 2017

    Last weekend we welcomed Mildenhall to our home ground. One of only 2 teams we have never beaten from our annual fixture list. Rain threatened and so we played a 30 overs match.

  • AVCC v Wilton
    12 August 2017

    So last weekend we welcomed Wilton for our very first fixture (or 2). Wilton are good guys and we know many of them from other clubs...Wilcot, Marden, Aldbourne...

  • AVCC v Wilton 20/20
    12 August 2017

    So having finished the match with Wilton last week before tea, we played them again in a 20/20.

  • AVCC v All Cannings
    5 August 2017

    And in our last game, the mighty All Cannings came to visit.

  • AVCC v Bishop's Cannings
    26 July 2017

    Next match after the RSJ Maharajahs triumph was against Bishops Cannings at Rushall for a 20/20.

  • AVCC v RSJ Maharajahs
    16 July 2017

    Catching up...I tantalised you talking about a highest score. Yes, we broke our ground record at Rushall and equalled our all time best over 35 overs scoring 245-5 vs RSJ Maharajahs from Reading way.

  • Erlestoke v AVCC
    1 July 2017

    1st match in July took us to our old and good friends at Erlestoke and their fabulous high scoring ground in a walled garden.

  • AVCC v Collingbourne
    21 June 2017

    Bit late, but our last fixture in June was a 20:20 vs Collingbourne at home. Pitch was great, sun shining and we had 11 turn up.

  • Chitterne v AVCC
    17 June 2017

    Yesterday was swelteringly hot and 8 of us turned up to play Chitterne. Chitterne are a really nice bunch of guys and have been a nemesis of us more often than not. 25 overs game as local rules.

  • Amesbury Farmers v AVCC
    14 June 2017

    Last night we played the Amesbury Farmers at Centenary Park. A little surreal. 12 of us turned up and at one stage I knew more players in the Farmers dressing room (having seen them play for AVCC) than in ours. So welcome Jon V, Josh C, Russell and Hector.

  • AVCC v Farley
    10 June 2017

    Yesterday, amongst the clouds and winds, we took on Farley at home. Farley are one of just 2 teams we have never beaten, or indeed got close to. Well, despite 11 brave hearts turning up, the trend continued.

  • AVCC v Avebury
    3 June 2017

    So we had a rain interrupted 30 match with Avebury today. They scored 192 for 7 in theirs and we lost our last wicket on 165 in the last over.

  • Collingbourne v AVCC
    1 June 2017

    Good night tonight. AVCC chased down 65 for 4 in 17 overs, having got Collingbourne all out in 17 also.

  • AVCC v Marden (20/20)
    24 May 2017

    We played our first home game of the season last night. 20/20 vs Marden. Bathed in warm sunlight, it felt like the right sort of evening to play cricket.

  • Marden v AVCC
    14 May 2017

    Richard Cox Memorial trophy played at Marden last Sunday. We have won this for the last 2 years but generously decided to return it to Marden this year on a shower-interrupted day.

  • Poulshot v AVCC
    10 May 2017

    Wednesday night was a return to 20/20. We turned up at the village green in Poulshot to play the locals with an unusual team - 3 school attendees; 2 of which were young ladies (India Corden and Holly Campbell); a couple of pensioners and some between.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

AVCC v Urchfont

Today we welcomed the mighty Urchfont to our ground in Rushall. It was a cold windy day reminding us the season is coming to an autumnal end. The pitch was damp and the skies grey.

Simon Campbell boldly put us into bat even though our recent 7 games winning streak has been based on batting second.

Jon Wolverson and Tim Gent were elected to open. Shortly after taking the field the rains started. Not a drizzle, but that wet horizontal type that soaks every crevice of the body. They set off well.

Tim had us all held in awe. Our dot ball king and record holder (43 dot balls before scoring across 2 games) actually scored on his opening ball. There were gasps from the crowd. Tim was on fire.

Not many 4s on a soaking wet pitch but they pushed the score on well at just over 5 an over until Jon was caught in the 8th over for a bright and valuable 25. Good innings. 43-1.

Shortly after, we had a 90 mins break from the rain as it turned torrential. We took tea during this time. When we resumed in a brief respite we shortened the game to 25 overs a side.

Angus Harley and Tim resumed. Tim made a season best 27 before being bowled by "Tiger". 78-2. Jeremy Richards came in and scored 5. 84-3.

Rory Plank played a nice supporting role to Angus who batted imperiously, until falling for a magnificent 47 on 120-4. Rory followed shortly for 5. 130-5. Michael Rae and Greg Caswell played nice cameos in the last 2 overs adding 25 valuable runs. Michael was unbeaten on 16 and Greg was not out on 9.

152-5 off 25 overs. A good score in damp conditions and considering the wind and rain.

Swiftly turning around, the rain stopped for Urchfont to bat and even the sun briefly appeared. As did several rainbows. We all wore every article of clothing we could get on as it was so cold in the biting winds.

Jon Wolverson opened from the Upavon end and took a fine wicket clattering the stumps in his first over; 1-1. Graham Newland opened up from the Rushall end and dismissed the other opener with his first ball, courtesy of a good catch from Jeremy Richards. Wicket maiden; 1-2. Great start!

5 overs later, Jon took his 2nd wicket (caught Greg). 19-3. Not to be outdone, Graham took his second wicket in the next over thanks to a catch by Simon Campbell. 21-4. Urchfont's much vaunted top order were back in the hutch.

Greg Caswell and Peter Williams took over. Greg took a fine lbw and Peter (in his last game of the season) coaxed a catch that Tim Gent held and the writing was on the wall. Fine containment by them both.

And Bruce Carter kept wicket excellently and for the first time did not let a single bye past. A spotless performance Bruce. Well done! Indeed all the fielding was sharp and we gave nothing away as the batsmen threatened.

Tiger took the fight to us, a few catches were dropped in the cold, but Jeremy Richards bowled him in his first over to bring the match to a premature end in 21 overs as they were short on numbers.

86 all out. So we won by 66 runs. Great win in difficult conditions.

Bowling figures: Graham Newland 2-8 (4 overs); Jon Wolverson 2-12 (4); Jeremy Richards 1-6 (1); Greg Caswell 1-9 (3); Peter Williams 1-12 (3); Michael Rae 0-11 (4); Angus Harley 0-22 (4).

So that's 8 Sunday wins on the bounce. A club Sunday record and our best homestand ever.

Well done to all involved.