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  • AVCC v Huddersfield YMCA
    24 September 2017

    This week, I am making an exception due to the exceptional and sensational events of last Sunday. On a day of mixed weather…we welcomed Huddersfield YMCA to Rushall. Huddersfield YMCA toured Wiltshire each year for over 25 years but ceased in the last decade. Knowing Scammer (better known to us as Simon Campbell….but I think this handle can last), and our friends at Erlestoke, it was decided to resurrect the tour. All I can say,…great bunch of guys and I think an annual tour beckons for the future. Let tradition get re-established. So what happened? Well it was confusing, exciting, exhilarating, downright different, and a pretty good day for cricket and friendship. 8 Sopwith Camels flew in formation over the ground for nearly an hour. What a sight, what a welcome. As we reached the last overs, the Oxford University Merton College choir turned up and spectated. They sang for us at the end (I will post the photo on Facebook for those incredulous amongst us. You know this author never exaggerates and so this fact now moves to legend. Well it started off confusing. Both sides turned up with 15 players. Never happened before…... Our home AVCC team were an amalgam of old friends and adversaries. There were AVCC stalwarts - Scammer, Graham, Tim, Bruce, Jon, and young Jack Campbell. We had a bevy of Coupe’s from Erlestoke….Fred, Alistair, Ed……The talented Lees….adversaries and friends from PSJ Maharajahs - Chris George and Nicola….and Angus and John Harley….(but not our AVCC Angus). And then we had the Huddersfield YMCA. All Yorkshire accents and business. Scammer promised us drunken, tired cricketers. We got men, looking fresh, sporting, athletic, keen, passionate and not at all hung-over. We sensed a game was on. We sensed trouble too. Tim Gent had prepared 2 wickets (in case they wanted to play Urchfont here the day before). We were treated to the sight of their pocket dynamo…Read….not being keen on either of them and so we cut and prepared a third wicket whilst everyone socialised. Never seen the pitch being prepared like that before. Yes, it was wet…..but we wondered if this was a wind-up or a deadly professionalism to be aware of. Dark mutterings and doubts in the home changing room, not to mention some good banter as most of the players in theme dressing room had been worthy adversaries from across the pavilion in recent times. Scammer won the toss and, as he often does, asked the opposition what they wanted to do (note to Simon, when we win the toss, it is our right to choose :) ). They elected to bat. The skies were gun-metal grey, and a drizzle hung in the air. You could feel the moisture in every pore, and most of us went out well kitted up in as many jumpers as we could get on. Huddersfield didn’t seem to notice the weather. Nor did their many supporters who turned up and almost made it a home match for them. Great to see. You are all welcome back. So we took the field, and had an opening attack of Ed Coupe and Angus Harley (no resemblance to our own Angus Harley - how spooky). Both bowled well but the Huddersfield openers looked under control. The first wicket went down in the 4th over for 27-1. Their dangerous opener Sheard plundering 23 of the 27 runs and so a good wicket for Angus to take, courtesy of a stinging catch well held by Alistair Coupe. We turned the screws and Huddersfield dug in. The next wicket went down on 55-2 in the17th over, bowled by Graham Newland, AVCC’s leading wicket taker. Jake Read gone for a hard fought and disciplined 18. O Read continued to play straight and bash the bad ball and was next out for an innings-high 32, bowled by Nicola Lee (school girl and daughter of Chris Lee) with her first ball. 79-3. Nicola was bowling very well (better length than Dad reportedly, so I am sure I heard?) and was very impressive. She was joined by young Jack Campbell..who also bowled well. Jack took the next wicket (Priestley with an excellent 25) thanks to a fine running catch by Jon Wolverson (who specialises in spectacular running catches, but this time without falling on his ass). 92-5. 2 quick wickets (Dave Thomson on 5, B Wilson for 12) on 118 (-6) courtesy of Jack again, and Tim Gent (thanks to a boundary saving excellent catch from Fred Coupe, rolling back the years in the deep). 118-6 in the 29th; we smelt blood and another low score. We blinked, they wagged, and before we knew it they were 140-7 ((Jagger 17, quick strong innings), and finished on 160-9 with F Davies scoring 17, R Read 8, and J Crabtree not out 8. 160 looked like a good score on a damp wicket where the ball was not coming on, and the pitch was cutting up. AVCC bowling was creditable and starred Tim Gent 2-14 (3 overs), Jack Campbell 2-22 (3), Graham Newland 1-8 (3), Angus Harley 1-13 (4), Nicola Lee 1-17 (3), Alistair Coupe 1-23 (3). Good run-out courtesy of Fred Coupe too. Other bowlers…Scammer 0-3 (1), Chris Lee 0-13 (4), Jon Wolverson 0-10 (4), John Harley 0-6 (2), George Lee 0-16 (3). Hands-up all those who noticed the school children out bowled their illustrious fathers. A healthy legacy and portent for the future. So, a hearty tea was taken and the sun came fully out. The Sopwith Camels were excited and buzzed around more, and AVCC and friends took the field with George Lee and Ed Coupe having the honour of opening. 161 to get. Would be the biggest score for August and September on this pitch if were to do this. Huddersfield looked fresh and their bowlers steamed in. Gasps from the sidelines…they looked good. They looked fast, menacing and dangerous. The pitch was cutting up and starting to look unplayable - despite the sun shining.Crabtree and O Read bowled well as openers and had us in trouble. Ed Coupe was the first to go with the score on just 19 in the 3rd over for 5, bowled O Read with one that shot through low. Almost unplayable. Alistair Coupe took his place and he and George started to look comfortable until Alistair was caught and bowled by B Wilson for 9 with the score on 41-2. Graham Newland was promoted well up the order to 4 and dug in to steady the ship as the pitch was getting unplayable in the face of accurate and hostile bowling. R Read came on (he of the must change the pitch variety…did he have a magic plan or knowledge to exploit in such a request?). 3rd ball he had George Lee caught behind off a turning ball for a well struck, good innings of 39. Well done George for your AVCC debut (you are welcome back). Next ball, our ace Jon Wolverson disappeared bowled to a major turn from Read. Hat-trick ball and Scammer sent his young son Jack in to face (that’s a good caring sensitive dad). Oops….bowled first ball. Hat-trick. Well it was. Well bowled. Best I have seen on our pitch where 2 previous hat-tricks have been made, both by AVCC players. However, R Read is a sportsman, as are the rest of the team, and Jack was invited back and a no-ball was given. Thus the scorebook records a double wicket maiden. R Read….let it be recorded here, I think it was the best hat trick bowled on our pitch. Jack and Graham dug in for quite a few overs but the score just ticked over as scoring was difficult. Jack went caught Davies bowled Sheard for 3. A good innings in the face of adversity and good bowling. Bruce Carter came in, and hit a couple of stonking 4’s (almost cutting Graham in half at the non-strikers end with one of them). Graham was next out, bowled for a stubborn 10, by Davis to the deadly straight ball when trying to push the score on as we were getting well behind the asking rate. Angus Harley came in and the fun commenced. Apart from the name, no similarities with our own opener, Angus Harley (Angus…just think Simon Borthwick and the style was clear). Bruce was caught and bowled for a creditable 13 by O. Read. Bet Huddersfield wished he had dropped this catch as Scammer came in. Not long to go…..6 overs for some 70 runs. Seemed like too tall and order to win as we were behind the rate on a soft pitch. Well the game turned in a blink of an eye. Angus walloped 3 magnificent 6’s for a quick fire 25 before being caught at wicket off R Read. Nicola Lee came and went without troubling the scorers, but bowled by the wizard known as R Read. R Read finished 4-30 (could have been a five-fer). Scammer hit 6 off his first ball, 3 other mighty 6’s and finished with a magnificent rapid 39 not out. We entered the last over needing 9 to win. Simon hit the 3rd ball for 6 over square leg (off R Read), the 4th for a single and Chris Lee had the honour of scoring the winning run on the penultimate ball. 161-9. Chris finished on 2 not out. Couldn’t have got a much tighter finish. The end saw much back-slapping, hand-shaking, hugs and comradeship. I cannot think of a better game, a better match, a better set of sportsmanship, and pleasure from seeing a bunch of old mates revelling in another duel and excellent game of cricket in Wiltshire in the sun. I think this fixture is nailed on for future years. We even had the Merton College choir sing to us. What a beautiful end to a wonderful day. Not sure how we can beat this entertainment next year! After the game, supporters and players alike returned to the Antelope and many a pint was drunk, and nostalgic story was told. And, I didn’t hear a single moan on the pitch….so the stories of Yorkshireman are clearly not true. (Just joking, my mother comes from Yorkshire and tried to smuggle me back, but didn’t make it…so come on Middlesex!) One more for legends and memories to come for AVCC. For those, who track the AVCC stats…this is our 9th consecutive Sunday win….a record for us, and a homestead record… thanks to all who played and to all our friends who contributed……

  • AVCC v Urchfont
    10 September 2017

    Today we welcomed the mighty Urchfont to our ground in Rushall. It was a cold windy day reminding us the season is coming to an autumnal end. The pitch was damp and the skies grey. Simon Campbell boldly put us into bat even though our recent 7 games winning streak has been based on batting second. Jon Wolverson and Tim Gent were elected to open. Shortly after taking the field the rains started. Not a drizzle, but that wet horizontal type that soaks every crevice of the body. They set off well. Tim had us all held in awe. Our dot ball king and record holder (43 dot balls before scoring across 2 games) actually scored on his opening ball. There were gasps from the crowd. Tim was on fire. Not many 4s on a soaking wet pitch but they pushed the score on well at just over 5 an over until Jon was caught in the 8th over for a bright and valuable 25. Good innings. 43-1. Shortly after, we had a 90 mins break from the rain as it turned torrential. We took tea during this time. When we resumed in a brief respite we shortened the game to 25 overs a side. Angus Harley and Tim resumed. Tim made a season best 27 before being bowled by "Tiger". 78-2. Jeremy Richards came in and scored 5. 84-3. Rory Plank played a nice supporting role to Angus who batted imperiously, until falling for a magnificent 47 on 120-4. Rory followed shortly for 5. 130-5. Michael Rae and Greg Caswell played nice cameos in the last 2 overs adding 25 valuable runs. Michael was unbeaten on 16 and Greg was not out on 9. 152-5 off 25 overs. A good score in damp conditions and considering the wind and rain. Swiftly turning around, the rain stopped for Urchfont to bat and even the sun briefly appeared. As did several rainbows. We all wore every article of clothing we could get on as it was so cold in the biting winds. Jon Wolverson opened from the Upavon end and took a fine wicket clattering the stumps in his first over; 1-1. Graham Newland opened up from the Rushall end and dismissed the other opener with his first ball, courtesy of a good catch from Jeremy Richards. Wicket maiden; 1-2. Great start! 5 overs later, Jon took his 2nd wicket (caught Greg). 19-3. Not to be outdone, Graham took his second wicket in the next over thanks to a catch by Simon Campbell. 21-4. Urchfont's much vaunted top order were back in the hutch. Greg Caswell and Peter Williams took over. Greg took a fine lbw and Peter (in his last game of the season) coaxed a catch that Tim Gent held and the writing was on the wall. Fine containment by them both. And Bruce Carter kept wicket excellently and for the first time did not let a single bye past. A spotless performance Bruce. Well done! Indeed all the fielding was sharp and we gave nothing away as the batsmen threatened. Tiger took the fight to us, a few catches were dropped in the cold, but Jeremy Richards bowled him in his first over to bring the match to a premature end in 21 overs as they were short on numbers. 86 all out. So we won by 66 runs. Great win in difficult conditions. Bowling figures: Graham Newland 2-8 (4 overs); Jon Wolverson 2-12 (4); Jeremy Richards 1-6 (1); Greg Caswell 1-9 (3); Peter Williams 1-12 (3); Michael Rae 0-11 (4); Angus Harley 0-22 (4). So that's 8 Sunday wins on the bounce. A club Sunday record and our best homestand ever. Well done to all involved.

  • AVCC v Aldbourne
    27 August 2017

    We welcomed Aldbourne for the first time last Sunday. Brilliant hot sunny day. Ideal for cricket. They were not all new! They had 3 players from our nemesis Farley, and one from Devizes, and so it was with trepidation that our captain, Graham Newland went out for the toss with Farley's /Aldbourne's captain! Continuing our recent winning approach, we had them bat. They started well, and we were greeted to the unusual sight of Jeremy Richards hit for 4 off his first ball (and 7th)... more runs than he usually gives away in his accurate miserly spells. Michael Rae bowled tight. And Jeremy made a key breakthrough with a neat caught and bowled in the 5th over. 17-1. Their batsmen kept threatening; but every time it looked like they were going to overwhelm us we took crucial wickets. Bowling was tight. Fielding excellent, and inspired by a great running catch from Jon Wolverson and a fine catch from Ben Jones. Wickets were shared out;,Graham Newland 1-7 off 4 overs; Jeremy Richards 1-14 (4); will Adams 2-18 (4); Greg Caswell 2-18 (4) and new boy Phil Jones bowled excellently and took top honours with 3-17 (4.3). Well done. Great debut Phil. Aldbourne were all out for 139. An excellent tea followed, and we had to be cajoled to pick up arms to chase just 4 an over. Their 139 started to look a great score as our star batsmen didn't prosper. Angus Harley made 9 (14-1); Michael Rae 8 (27-2) courtesy of being stumped well out of his crease and losing his bat; Greg Caswell 0 (31-3). Jon Wolverson and Jeremy Richards anchored the ship and put on 32 runs before Jon went for 11 (63-4). Then 63-5 as Phil Jones BA became their star bowlers 5th victim in a row. This was Stephen (who took 5-31). Then we were quickly 80-7 as Ben Jones went for 5 and Will Adams for 2. This left Graham and Dudley Perrins - a combined age of 126 yrs experience left to support Jeremy to score the 60 runs we needed for victory. A big, big ask. Graham joined Jeremy at the wicket and set about supporting his fluent innings. Jeremy was showing class batting, good defence and awesome attacking shots against loose balls. They grittedly put on 42 runs and put us in the sight of victory when Jeremy holed out on the boundary to a steepling catch for a great score of 73 (we need to find him for repeated century avoidance!). 18 runs to go and Dudley joined Graham at the crease, for our last wicket (as we were short of players as usual) with the opposition in a huddle motivating themselves that they could now win with us 2 veterans in at the crease. Tense moments! Dudley - not known for sprinting - was further hampered by an Achilles injury. It was a big ask for us to win. But we hung in there and we scampered the winning run in the 29th over to win by 1 wicket. Very tight! Graham finished unbeaten with 20, and Dudley made 5 n.o. It was as close as it could get. The match could have gone either way until that last ball. Great game of cricket. And well celebrated down the Antelope afterwards. That's 7 consecutive Sunday victories; 6 at home. 2nd best winning streak in our history and our best homestand to date. We have our mojo back and won all of our August fixtures for the first time. Well done all.

  • AVCC v Mildenhall
    20 August 2017

    Last weekend we welcomed Mildenhall to our home ground. One of only 2 teams we have never beaten from our annual fixture list. Rain threatened and so we played a 30 overs match. We were very unlike ourselves with 13 there at the start plus another en route. Mildenhall turned up with 9 and we lent them Tom and Rory Law on the basis they play there on Saturdays. Their dad - Tim - played for us. Graham Newland captained and made sure Mildenhall batted first. It has stood us well recently. We unleashed Jeremy Richards and Michael Rae on them. Bowling well they were 4 off the first 6 overs as our Zim twins of terror racked up 4 maidens in that time. Great bowling. George Lishman coming on in the 9th over, made the breakthrough clean bowling their opener with his third ball. Alex Armatyge took the next wicket in his 3rd over with a great caught and bowled confidently calling it as the ball hung in the air. George was almost unplayable and was 1-3 in this 4 overs spell. Great stuff! Our Tom Law dug in with their no 4 - May. May flogged 189n.o. against us a couple of years ago and started no differently. Our game plan was to deprive him off the ball. Tom went for a hard earned 18 late in the day. A determined and good innings. May smacked us for 63n.o. but containing him did the job we needed as we got the field right to do so, and the bowlers bowled tight. We mopped a few wickets up at the end through Michael Rae taking 2-8 plus a caught and bowled with a broken finger. Brave! Julian Lishman chipped in with one courtesy of a Bruce Carter catch. And Mildenhall finished on 117-6. A lot less than the 300+ they last made against us. We had a great team... many thanks to Pippa Carter and Mrs Law. During this time, the rain started and did not stop for the rest of the day. But AVCC took the field. We sensed we had a chance. Conditions were not good. The ball held up in the field and skidded through on the wicket. Challenging batting conditions. Batting stalwarts Michael Rae (7) and Alex Armatyge (2) were soon back in the hutch courtesy of Rory Laws bowling and catching. But Jeremy Richards controlled batting and Jon Wolverson steadied the ship. Jon hit a valuable 14, and Jeremy a good 37. Hugh Norman held an end up and made 8 valuable runs before our youth finished off the job with George Lishman unbeaten on 15 and Will Adam on 5 n.o. With 28 extras recorded, we passed their total with 118 in the 28th over to win by 5 wickets. So a hoodoo broken! And we have won 6 Sunday games on the trot - our second best run to date, and our best on our home ground. Well done all!

  • AVCC v Wilton
    13 August 2017

    So last weekend we welcomed Wilton for our very first fixture (or 2). Wilton are good guys and we know many of them from other clubs...Wilcot, Marden, Aldbourne... Bit of a blustery but warm day and we put them into bat as the pitch was a little soft. Wilton had a strong top order and we unleashed our Zimbabwean twins of terror on them.., Jeremy Richards and Michael Rae. Both bowled well and kept their openers tied down. Jeremy bowled 4 overs, 3-0. Very tight! Michael made the breakthrough on 9 with a Yorker and finished for great figures of 8-1 off 4. Wilton proceeded with no alarms until their no 3 was clean bowled in a good spell by Jamie Corden (10-2). 31-2. Still a good score beckoned as they looked comfortable. Then mayhem. All out for 40. The previous week, All Cannings had posted the lowest ever 35 overs score against us on 76. This smashed that record. And it had nothing to do with the fact that Graham had been drinking with half their team the night before! Mark Banham bowling unusually slow (he had played the day before and kindly stepped in late for us) took an amazing 7-5. Only the 2nd five-for on our ground 5th in our history) and the best bowling stats on our ground (previous 5-11 from Graham Newland). Well done Mark! His spinners caused a rout. 2 catches for Alex Armytyge in this spell, a sharp caught and bowled, a stumping, clean bowled and a run out. Bish bosh... innings done in 12.2 overs. So we went straight out and made a little hard work of it making 43-3 and winning by 7 wkts. Michael Rae and Tim Gent opened. One troubled the scorers and one didn't. Michael got 13. Jeremy Richards batted beautifully for a controlled 8 not out, Bruce Carter elevated to 4 got 1 and Alex Armytyge took all the collywobbles away and was unbeaten in 29. Good innings Alex. Great fixture! Well done team. We fielded well. Mark obviously man of the match!

  • AVCC v Wilton 20/20
    13 August 2017

    So having finished the match with Wilton last week before tea, we played them again in a 20/20. We batted first from where we left off and scored exactly 100. Michael Rae anchored us with 39 not out and Mark Banham got 12 and Graham Newland 11 as the principal scorers as we found it hard to get the ball away. We then bowled them out for 91 in the reply. Hugh Norman took 3-15, Jeremy took 2-11, Mark Banham 1-8, Graham Newland 1-12, Jamie Corden 1-24. We won by 9 runs in a tight see-saw game. So first time in our history we have played twice in a day. 1st time we have won twice in a day. I think we are ready to go on tour!

  • AVCC v All Cannings
    6 August 2017

    And in our last game, the mighty All Cannings came to visit. Bit surreal...8 a side plus we had 8 year old Oliver Lishman to tip the balance. Good lads from All Cannings. Their captain won the toss and decided to bat, which is what Graham wanted as we felt the pitch would dry out during the game. Well, our fielding and bowling from our make-shift side were excellent. We bowled out All Cannings including their 2 openers twice for 76. Pick of the bowling... Graham Newland 3-6 (including a clean bowled first ball); Julian Lishman 2-6 with tidy bowling; Michael Rae 2-8, Mitch Mitchell 1-18, Alex Armytyge 1-11, Oliver Lishman 0-3, George Lishman 0-7, and Tim Gent 2-9. Tim came on at the end and bowled almost as many sides as balls but still bamboozled their openers out for a second time. Both Julian and Graham took caught and bowled dismissals, and Bruce Carter made a sharp stumping and caught the last wicket. An early tea and we sent Michael Rae and Alex Armytyge out to bat. Bruce was promoted to 4. However, it was all over in 9.2 overs as the openers finished unbeaten. Michael scored 47 not out and was in Imperious form; Alex looked good for his 22 not out. So we applauded our heroes and 10 wickets win (a club record/first) and we were in the Antelope by 6pm. We drank with the guys from All Cannings, a nice bunch. It was another good day. Another day when many if the missing would wish they had been there!

  • AVCC v Bishop's Cannings
    27 July 2017

    Next match after the RSJ Maharajahs triumph was against Bishops Cannings at Rushall for a 20/20. It was a night of dark skies, damp pitch, and torrential rain in nearby Upavon... but we stayed dry. We welcomed back the visiting Law family into our ranks... the boys Rory and Tom looking so much bigger. Graham Newland won the toss and decided to bat before the light got worse or rain started. Well we scored a creditable 117all out in 15 8 ball overs . It was hard to get going with the ball coming low and this was considered a good score. Highlights were a 47 from debutant Billy Hodgkinson who looked a class act. Pity he lives in Derbyshire! Rory Law got 17, but the rest of us added to the scoreboard but did not set it alight. The reply was tight. We bowled well and chipped away with michael Rae getting 1-12 and Rory Law 3-22, and Jon Wolverson 2-29. However we arrived in the last over having to defend 8 runs off 8 balls. Will Adams bowling. He took a wicket in this over but controversy struck. We reached the Final ball on our count tied at 117 each. The umpire (theirs) over-ruled us and played an extra ball from which they got the winning run. The scorebook shows Bishops Cannings faced 1 more ball than they should have. Cannings Officially we lost on the last ball, by 3 wickets. Or did we? It didn't feel good when we looked back on this one. Ah well, we still drank down the Antelope and vowed to win next time

  • AVCC v RSJ Maharajahs
    16 July 2017

    Catching up...I tantalised you talking about a highest score. Yes, we broke our ground record at Rushall and equalled our all time best over 35 overs scoring 245-5 vs RSJ Maharajahs from Reading way. Glorious sunny day. Graham Newland won the toss and put us into bat. Our Zimbabwean twins of terror went in, each vying to out-score the other after Michael Rae had scored a century in the previous game. This was not the wisest decision made... bish, bash, bosh and Michael out in the 2nd over for 11. Jeremy Richards playing beautifully, succumbed a couple of overs for 17 tossing a catch up which should have gone for 4. Angus Harley and Greg Caswell restored order and got the ball moving to all parts of the ground off determined bowling and against a team of great youth. Angus scored a brilliant 51 and Greg scored 75... looking set for a maiden ton. Both brilliant innings, quickly scored, and taking the game from the Maharajahs and laying the foundation for the ground record with a stand of 101. Well done guys! Jon Wolverson came in and struck a fine quick 28, and Alex Armytyge and Ben Jones finished unbeaten on 18 and 20 respectively. Ben looked like a real batsmen (no doubts about Alex) and I have a picture of him playing a forward defensive shot, the likes we have not seen from him before. 245-5. Ground record and the last 2 balls were for balls and so club record was begging! We had a great tea, courtesy of Pippa Carter and Lorraine Lamb. Well set up we took the field confidently and bowled them out for 96. A record margin of victory for us. Great fielding and bowling. The highlights... Greg 3-12, Matt Dancey 2-11, Will Adams 3-19 (on his debut), Jon 2-12. There are lots of photos available for the match. All players. Great win and the team were well satisfied with the day. Well done all.

  • Erlestoke v AVCC
    2 July 2017

    1st match in July took us to our old and good friends at Erlestoke and their fabulous high scoring ground in a walled garden. Great to meet up with old friends, and a Sunday side of similar age to us (mature). Sadly, as has become too common recently, we started with 8, including a press-ganged Mark Banham (grateful thanks). We lost the toss and were asked to bat in the hot sunshine. Erlestoke lent us a couple of players but we still had a gap to contend with. Not easy on a fast sloping outfield where 6-7 runs scored an over is the norm. Bravely, we stood up to the task, with the fighters we had brought. Jon Vickery and Michael Rae opened the bowling. They bowled fast for no reward and the score ticked on. Jon was hostile and definitely unlucky not to take a wicket on multiple occasions. Mark Banham and Greg Caswell took over and worried the batsmen - being unlucky not to take wickets until Greg struck in the 17th over and the score was 87-1. This didn't deter Erlestoke, and Graham Newland took the second - aided by a fine catch by Jon Vickery - with the score on 152-2. We toiled on and got a run-out via smart work from Graham and Michael but they finished at 215-3. We were not worried at tea as our previous wins here had all been chasing and scoring 6+ an over. Tea was good... pork pies, sausage rolls, chocolate cake, scotch eggs and sandwiches. And indeed, Tim Gent turned up for tea and now we were 9. We sensed he had been hiding in the woods opportunistically awaiting tea to avoid fielding, and not driving back from holiday to kindly help us...... Kindly, Erlestoke allowed us to bat 2 players twice and Michael Rae and Peter Williams were drawn out of the hat for this task. Angus Harley and Michael Rae opened for us. They looked confident and kept us on track until Angus was lbw for 17 n the 8th over. 51-1. We had a wobble as Jon Vickery and Mark Banham came and went cheaply and we were soon 63-3 in the 10th over. Greg Caswell steadied the ship. Actually, he really rocked the park and carted the Erlestoke bowlers all over the place as he and Michael added 87 for the next wicket. Greg hit 6x4, 1x5, and 1 mighty 6 in an inspired show in just 10 overs before being caught on 47. This innings gave us the momentum we needed at at a crucial time. Great innings, Greg. After that, Peter Williams, Graham, Bruce Carter and Tim Gent played supporting roles to Michael Rae who scored 111 (the unlucky Nelson score). Michael cut loose after Greg departed and thrashed Erlestoke's bowlers to all corners of the ground until he ran himself out with 3 runs to go.

  • AVCC v Collingbourne
    22 June 2017

    Bit late, but our last fixture in June was a 20:20 vs Collingbourne at home. Pitch was great, sun shining and we had 11 turn up. Collingbourne won the toss and elected to bat. They made a respectable 113 due to some clubbing early on, with balls high in the air but rarely going to hand. Pick of the bowling... Jamie Corden 1-17, Jon Wolverson 2-29, Jon Vickery 2-15, and Graham Newland 1-10. We opened well with Angus Harley and Jon Vickery. But Jon was bowled for 10 in the 5th over when we were going well. Michael Rae was out to a disputed lbw and Jon Wolverson came in and hit a quick 19 before being caught. Jon looks in good form - having his best ever season with the bat. After that. We subsided quickly to 98 all out with Angus Harley playing very well for a strong 41. Good game; and Collingbourne a nice bunch of guys, and we finished proceedings nicely in the Antelope.

  • Chitterne v AVCC
    18 June 2017

    Yesterday was swelteringly hot and 8 of us turned up to plat Chitterne. Chitterne are a really nice bunch of guys and have been a nemesis of us more often than not. 25 overs game as local rules. Graham Newland won the toss and decided to bat and try and wear the opposition out. Our premier pairing of Angus Harley and Simon Borthwick strode out and quickly found that the green pitch was playing low and slow, and the outfield was lush and holding the ball back. Cue for some frustration and patience. Sadly, Angus was out for 3 caught on the boundary off a very definite no ball (chest height). 14-1. Mark Banham (thanks for helping us out again) quickly followed caught out by an ankle roller for 2 (16-2), and then to cap it all, Simon was out for 11 caught off another high no ball. 19-3 and the cream of the batting enjoying the shade. Jon Wolverson and Graham Newland had to steady the ship, and they did so. Grafting for every run in the hot sun, they put on a 75 runs partnership, mainly in singles due to the pitch. Graham went for 21 to a highly dubious lbw wide of the leg stump and Jon cut loose. Ben Pugh-Cook (many thanks for volunteering, 1st game of the season) was unluckily out caught by a good catch - unlucky as they dropped 6 other easier ones (4 off Jon alone). Ben Eveling looked lively for 8 not out (on the ground where he previously had his highest score) and we finished the 25 overs on a creditable 126-5. And Jon, was man of the innings with his highest ever score (not just AVCC) of 65 not out. On a ground difficult to score on, he hit 3x6's and 6x4's. Quite a feat. I think the boxing training is paying off and in the batting department for Jon this season - who has easily surpassed his best ever season total. Tea was great. Lots of cake and sandwiches, and we were in good heart re-starting. The opposition leant us 2 players in the field. However, in reality we didn't just lack a fielder, we were light on our strike bowling attack - even for 25 overs. Jon Wolverson (still hot) and Mark Banham opened the bowling and bowled well. Mark in particular looked very menacing. Their batsmen hung in there, scampering byes and singles. Ben Eveling and Graham came on. Both bowled better than at other times this season and chipped away, and both took 2 wickets off 5 overs. We missed a few difficult catches during the period that would have improved figures. Mark and Jon came back, and Mark took a great wicket. He deserved more for a good display. If only we had more overs per bowler. Angus Harley also bowled tidily. Ultimately, they passed us in the 23rd over for 5 down. Ironically, the pitch played better in the 2nd half as the sun dried everything.

  • AVCC v Marden
    11 June 2017

    Yesterday, amongst the clouds and winds, we took on Farley at home. Farley are one of just 2 teams we have never beaten, or indeed got close to. Well, despite 11 brave hearts turning up, the trend continued. Farley batted first and rattled up 210. Their openers did the damage, scoring 99 before Graham Newland sent the first one back to the pavilion courtesy of a steepling catch well taken by Angus Harley. Once we had broken the opening partnership, wickets fell at regular and frequent intervals. Jon Wolverson, captain for the day, bowled like a man possessed and bowled 2 out. Greg Caswell was hostile and economical, and picked up a wicket courtesy of a nonchalant catch at square leg by Ben Eveling. Ben and Ish bowled tidily without due reward. And at the end, Tim Gent took 2 wickets, one bowled and one due to a fine running catch by Greg. As their last 4 batsmen racked up ducks, Peter Williams picked up 3-8...2 from bowling out batsmen with his unique slow pace, and one from a hard hit catch taken by Graham at mid-on. In this spell, Peter bowled their other opener for 92, and I am sure the batsman was half way to Upavon by the time the ball hit the wicket. 210 was doable. But Farley were a team of good bowlers and youth in the field. We got off to a horrible start and succumbed for 129, our lowest Sunday Score for some 3 seasons. The highlights were 37 from Simon Campbell, 33 and a return to form by Angus Harley, and a sparky 17 not out by Ben Eveling at the end. We forgot about the match quickly back at the Antelope. Farley are a good bunch of lads and we we will need to be much better to beat them. Looking forward to Amesbury Farmers and Chitterne later this week.

  • AVCC v Avebury
    4 June 2017

    So we had a rain interrupted 30 match with Avebury today. They scored 192 for 7 in theirs and we lost our last wicket on 165 in the last over. In truth we let them get 10-15 too many and their bowling attack, much of it from their 1st team was always in control. We had a measure of control over their batsmen when Tim & Ben Eveling bowl 12 overs of leg-spin unchanged. The odd boundary, but Tim picked up 3 wickets and Ben 1. It was good to see them in tandem. There was some good boundary fielding from Bruce (shorn of the gloves by the returning Ish (welcome back), Alex Brown, Simon B, Jeremy & T Campbell (small but determined). Bruce came on to bowl in the last 10 and did well to pick up 2 also in 3 overs. Simon B, Dudley & Greg threatened with the bat but got tied down and it was left to Jeremy, batting to much sledging and jeering from his other home side (Avebury) for an excellent 71. We left it too late however with 100 needed off the last 11 and 46 off the last 4. Avebury made it a competitive and enjoyable game and we chewed it over in the Antelope afterwards, where Jeremy received more in the way of flack.

  • Collingbourne v AVCC
    1 June 2017

    Good night tonight. AVCC chased down 65 for 4 in 17 overs, having got Collingbourne all out in 17 also. Jamie Corden and Michael Rae opened the bowling. Michael picked up a bowled, Jamie however bowled 3-4-3, outstanding figures. Mixed in with this Jon Vickery, new boy, caught a catch and ran two batsman out. More senior members were left shaking their heads at the fielding display, with the majority of the team under 30. Josh Cameron and Jon then bowled a tidy 4 overs between them, Josh picking up a wicket. They both claimed to not having played cricket for a long time - no one believed them. Collingbourne were reduced to 26 for 7. Peter Williams then came on and removed 2 more with some well judged slow bowling (3-18-2). George Lishman's first and only ball for the club was the final wicket. Collingbourne bowled very tidily and made it difficult. Jon Wolverson made a composed 12 and George top scored with 26, but the result was never in doubt, despite a small clatter of late wickets.

  • AVCC v Marden (20/20)
    24 May 2017

    We played our first home game of the season last night. 20/20 vs Marden. Bathed in warm sunlight, it felt like the right sort of evening to play cricket.

  • Marden v AVCC
    14 May 2017

    Richard Cox Memorial trophy played at Marden last Sunday. We have won this for the last 2 years but generously decided to return it to Marden this year on a shower-interrupted day.

  • Poulshot v AVCC
    10 May 2017

    Wednesday night was a return to 20/20. We turned up at the village green in Poulshot to play the locals with an unusual team - 3 school attendees; 2 of which were young ladies (India Corden and Holly Campbell); a couple of pensioners and some between.

  • Keevil v AVCC
    7 May 2017

    The sun favoured us with its presence as AVCC’s warriors assembled in good time at Keevil’s ground in the Manor House gardens. It was an ideal setting for a day’s cricket to welcome the new season.

    3 May 2017

    Well we kicked of this week playing Friends of Stonehenge School (FOSS). Or at least, that’s what they call themselves as I counted at least 9 Shrewton CC shirts… so maybe we were playing Shrewton in disguise.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

AVCC v RSJ Maharajahs

Catching up...I tantalised you talking about a highest score. Yes, we broke our ground record at Rushall and equalled our all time best over 35 overs scoring 245-5 vs RSJ Maharajahs from Reading way. Glorious sunny day. Graham Newland won the toss and put us into bat. Our Zimbabwean twins of terror went in, each vying to out-score the other after Michael Rae had scored a century in the previous game. This was not the wisest decision made... bish, bash, bosh and Michael out in the 2nd over for 11. Jeremy Richards playing beautifully, succumbed a couple of overs for 17 tossing a catch up which should have gone for 4. Angus Harley and Greg Caswell restored order and got the ball moving to all parts of the ground off determined bowling and against a team of great youth. Angus scored a brilliant 51 and Greg scored 75... looking set for a maiden ton. Both brilliant innings, quickly scored, and taking the game from the Maharajahs and laying the foundation for the ground record with a stand of 101. Well done guys! Jon Wolverson came in and struck a fine quick 28, and Alex Armytyge and Ben Jones finished unbeaten on 18 and 20 respectively. Ben looked like a real batsmen (no doubts about Alex) and I have a picture of him playing a forward defensive shot, the likes we have not seen from him before. 245-5. Ground record and the last 2 balls were for balls and so club record was begging! We had a great tea, courtesy of Pippa Carter and Lorraine Lamb. Well set up we took the field confidently and bowled them out for 96. A record margin of victory for us. Great fielding and bowling. The highlights... Greg 3-12, Matt Dancey 2-11, Will Adams 3-19 (on his debut), Jon 2-12. There are lots of photos available for the match. All players. Great win and the team were well satisfied with the day. Well done all.