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  • 2017 Review of the Season
    A quick review of the AVCC 2017 Season As we embark upon a new season, and the sum in shining, I thought I would share with you some highlights of the 2017 season. A. Matches * Record season - out best ever winning performance * We won 11 out of 15 Sunday matches - 73% win percentage - (previous best 10 out of 19) * We won 8 of 12 midweek 20/20’s (67% win percentage) * In total, we won 19 of 27 games…..70.3% win percentage * Winning streak (still in play) of 10 consecutive Sunday wins. * Our best homestead - 9 wins in a row on Sundays * Equalled our top ever 35 overs score - 245 (vs Keevil) * Made our best 20/20 score = 151 (vs Poulshot) * Our opponents made their lowest scores against us - 40 (Wilton); 76 (All Cannings) * 43 players played for - including 4 young ladies; 2 in one evening. * In summary, our season was built on a consistent and very useful bowling attack of Jeremy Richards, Michael Rae and Jon Wolverson - ably supplemented by Graham Newland, Tim Gent, Greg Caswell, Mark Banham, Will Adams, Jamie Corden, India Corden, Peter Williams et al. The batting was more consistent, and more higher scores were made in each game - and scoring 40 or more in a game by an individual does make a difference - as can be seen by the win ratio. More important, we have learned to field, set a field, and play for each other. Our home record was fantastic. B. Batting * Michael Rae scored most runs - over 450 -, and made the top ever aggregate for AVCC. he also scored only our 3rd century (111 vs Erlestoke). * Interestingly fewer players scored >100 runs in comparison to the last 3 years; but those who did (7) all scored more than 200 runs…that’s a first. Season stats >100 runs Runs Average Michael Rae 385 29.62 Jon Wolverson 353 23.53 Simon Campbell 280 93.33 Angus Harley 279 25.36 Jeremy Richards 265 29.44 Greg Caswell 209 29.86 Graham Newland 204 18.55 * Less 50’s scored (10 including the 111); but overall individual match scores higher. Top Batting performances Michael Rae 111 vs Erlestoke (away). Only our 3rd century, and 1 of the others at Erlestoke too Greg Caswell 75 RSJ Maharajahs Jeremy Richards 73 vs Mildenhall Jeremy Richards 71 vs Avebury Jon Wolverson 65 not out Chitterne Jon Wolverson 61 Keevil Simon Campbell 59 not out Marden Simon Campbell 58 not out</
  • 16 May AVCC v Urchfont
    Match report vs Urchfont 1st home T20/20 of the season vs Urchfont. Weather bright but a chilly wind and our ground in Rushall looked in very good condition. We even turned up with a full team, a first for the season, although late as usual. AVCC went in to bat first, and discovered how to score better in 20 overs than 35. Tim Gent and Jon Wolverson opened the batting and got us off to a very good start. Tim Gent, looking confident this season after discovering his touch in the nets, scored a confident looking 4 before being bowled by one of their pacy 1st XI bowlers after 2.2 overs with the score on 25. Why 25? Jon took their other opening bowler apart for 18 off his first (and only over) with 3 mighty 4’s and one towering 6 over mid wicket. Great start. Jon looked in awesome form. The runs continued to flow. George Lishman came in and got the ball moving around, followed by Michael Rae who did the same but in his usual high energy style. We had set a game rule of retiring on 30. Jon retired on 30 off 23 balls (5*4’s, 1*6), George 33 no.o. on 28 balls (4*4’s) and Michael was the speedmeister with 30 retired from just 17 balls (4*4’s and 1 enormous 6). All 3 batted excellently and gave us the momentum we needed. 84 off 10 overs, 100 in the 12th over, and the platform for a strong performance. Just what you need to get results in this type of game format. Nigel Rowe, making his debut for the season, and Rowan Morrison came in and kept the scoreboard ticking making 9n.o and 9 respectively. Ben Jones got a surprise duck (2nd ball) and Shane Williams making his debut for AVCC was there at the end 1 no with Nigel. Extras top-scored with 35 as wides and no balls counted as 2 (with no extra ball given, except in the 20th over). Overall, a score of 151-3 - our second highest score in T20/20. Our previous best being 152 at Poulshot last season. It could have been beaten but the last over was a maiden. This batting performance gave the team great encouragement. Ben Jones opened the bowling and looked good - a wicket maiden giving us the start we needed. Peter Williams opened from the Upavon end and moved the ball around before taking his first wicket of the season with his last ball of his 3rd over, taking their number 3 batsman for 8, with figures off 3-0-1-28. Shane Williams came on and bowled well in his debut spell taking 2 wickets caught courtesy of Simon Campbell (rehabilitated into the team) who took them with aplomb after taking some banter after dropping one earlier. The figures could have been truly outstanding as Shane also dropped 2 difficult catches off his own bowling, but still finished with an excellent 3-0-2-20. Graham Newland bowled from the Upavon end and bowled economically and tidily and Nigel Rowe came in from the Rushall end taking out their youth with a number of good balls, many of which were now coming in very low as the temperature dropped. 2-0-2-1 are excellent figures - well done Nigel. Rowan Morrison bowled well and took their final wicket of the evening and Urchfont finished on 90 with 2 retired and just 5 extras on the board. So overall, a great win by 61 runs, and our season felt that it had got off to a good start in May as a result. Afterwards, we spent ample time at the Antelope with Urchfont, enjoying the post-match atmosphere. Urchfont are a good team and a nice bunch. Good game. Peace and harmony restored to the AVCC world, and Grumpy Smurf has retired from report-writing. Next up Chitterne.
  • 13 May 2018
    Match report vs Marden First home match of the season, first Sunday game and the weather shone and reminded us why cricket is such a wonderful sport. The Garston Field in Rushall was looking in fine shape, well-prepared by Tim Gent and the crew. Jeremy Richards rolled the pitch to perfection and with clear OCD inclinations before the game and we were ready for old rivals Marden. As usual, not everyone showed up on time, and one player went missing unheard of - in advance - for a second game in a row. Very bad. Worse was to follow. Our stalwart leading batsman and captain, Simon Campbell, proactively gave himself away to the opposition with his son Jack without consultation. One dodgy toss from Simon minutes later and we had lost the toss too and were put into bat. Have to say, the injustices and approach of our Simon were strongly not appreciated by the team. So, with some enthusiasm and even more growling, we went out to bat. Unusual for us to open at home, and it was not what we wanted I’ll keep it short, worst batting performance since our first season. Early season rust and poor shots abounded. All out 96. Actually there were only 9 of us thanks to Simon (oh 10, as his youngest son Tom driven in half way through the innings). Our Zimbabwean trio of terror - Michael Rae (top scorer in 2017), Jeremy Richards, and Matt Boothway (welcome back) got 7 between them at the top of the innings when 150+ from them was expected. Probably being sober didn’t help and Michael and Jeremy succumbed to catches in front of the wicket. Matt was bowled (first ball) from a slow dobbler/turner. Tim Gent was looking confident as an opener and ticked up the runs, and Jon Wolverson came in for a lively cameo scoring a quick 16 before being bowled - having hit 2 lovely 4’s first. So Graham Newland came in (on a hat-trick ball) and dug in with Tim. The pitch was extra large, the outfield long and slow, and we ground out the runs for a 50 partnership (1st of the season) in 1’s and 2’s against accurate bowling which did not really come on to the bat. Thus, our golden oldies, the 2 oldest on our side and with an aggregate in years of over 120 clawed out way back from 31-4 to 76 before Tim was bowled for a top score of the innings of 24. Tim now has our best aggregate of runs for the season (44). Graham worked with the tail to get to 96 before he fell for 20 - bowled hitting out to get to treble figures, and Tom Campbell followed and we were all out 96-9. In the interim, Bruce hit 10, including one blistering 4, and Peter Williams hit 2, leaving Rory Plank 1 n.o. First time we had not scored 100 in a first at bat since 2013. Grim, and the talk at tea was not of hope and winning. More of cake (which was plentiful and good), sandwiches, tea, and crisps. To make insult to injury, Simon Campbell opened the batting for Marden and resisted our hostile opening spells from Michael are, Jeremy Richards and Jon Wolverson who all bowled well. I am sure we would have broken through their batsmen if we had been facing them instead and won the game. Michael Rae made the breakthrough getting their other opener, and Jeremy accidentally ran out Simon with the score on 38 by deflecting a hard hit drive onto the stumps where Simon had wandered off from. Their no 3 hit us for 63 n.o. (good innings) and the game was quickly over. They only had 2 reasonable batsmen and if we could have broken them I think we could still have won. We need our Zim trio to take more wickets than they scored runs in total, and it did not happen. Marden sneaked off with the Richard Cox Trophy without presentation and drinks with us. That felt mean given how much we had helped their 8 men out. Overall, to be honest, it felt like a crap day. A poor game, a poor spirit, not really a competitive game, the wrong approach. Not sure I have ever written such a report before…hopefully be better after Urchfont tomorrow - even though we are low on numbers and shorn of our key bowlers for the fixture.
Quick cricket
Quick cricket

Welcome to the Avon Valley Cricket Club

We are based at Rushall, but aim to draw cricketers from the villages of the Upper Avon Valley and beyond, including the Manningford, Charlton, North Newton, Upavon, Enford, Fittleton, Haxton, Netheravon, Figheldean, Milston and Durrington.

The club was founded in 2012. Its ethos is to link the valley up by playing and enjoying cricket, to foster community, to encourage young people into the game and to abide by the spirit of cricket.

We have one adult cricket team initially, open to all regardless of age, race, sex, talent or lack of it, playing a mixture of Sunday afternoon and evening T20 games.   In the future, we hope to develop youth teams and enter a team in the local Saturday league.

This website is regularly updated with club news, views and results.

If you wish to find out more please contact Simon Campbell on 07464 547032 or