AVCC Committee Meeting, 31 Jan 2016

AVON VALLEY CRICKET CLUB Minutes of the Meeting held on 31st Jan 6.00pm.

Present: Simon Campbell (SC), Mike Parr (MP), Peter Williams (PW), Mark Pugh-Cook (MPC), Greg Caswell (GC), Tim Gent (TG), Angus Harley (AH).

Apologies: Nikki Williams (NV), Peter Kosminsky (PK), Graham Newland (GN), Nigel Wookey (NW).

1. Membership a. Same format and membership fees as 2015. b. AH replacing MPC as Membership Secretary with immediate effect.

2. Treasurer Report a. Bank balance estimated as c£4,000 as at 31 Jan 16.

3. Fixtures a. AH suggested making a fixtures card for club members to keep with their diaries. b. 33 Fixtures are currently planned, commencing 1 May with a Club day and finishing on 25 Sep.

4. Website a. Need to ensure that Match Reports are placed on the website within say a week of a completed fixture. b. SC stated that the website needs refreshing/updating.

5. Pitch a. Need to liaise with NW regarding the pre-season rolling rota from April onwards.

6. Fund Raising for Net and Covers a. Hill’s visit to Rushall, the Committee needs GN to update separately on progress. b. TG provided some sample net surfaces for discussion. c. Suggested that the Club may secure a second-hand tarpaulin to use a temporary pitch cover, for use where a home game may be cancelled vice a rain shower immediately before a match.

7. Insurance a. Premium is lower for 2016, but the roller will need deliberately securing into a concreted anchor point to meet the Insurer’s needs. GN/NW need more details. b. PW to arrange the 2016 renewal payment from PK.

8. Net Practice Pre-Season a. Nets will commence on March 13th, Sunday AM. More details near time.

9. Next Meeting/AOB a. The AGM will be held before/after the 1 May fixture. b. The next normal meeting will be c Mid-March c. Need to think about the format of Club Day in July.